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You can download latest release of Turtle via SourceForge. Current version is 0.0.2, which is very early alpha. It has been tested only on Mandrake Linux 10.0, however it should run on other Linux distributions as well. Before installing Turtle, you will have to download and install giFT framework and OpenSSL library. You will also need GUI client for giFT framework. Turtle has been tested with these clients: Apollon, giFToxic and giFTcurs. Check README file for full installation and configuration instructions.

Remember, there is no public Turtle network. You should get interconnected only with people you trust and not with anonymous crowd. Read Documents section to find out why.

If you have any questions or if you want to contribute to Turtle, send us a message to Turtle forum. Please report bugs to bug tracker.

Last modified: 25th of September, 2004 by Petr Matejka